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California hit-and-run driver strikes 6 cars


Recently, two suspects in a vehicle stopped by police in San Diego fled the scene, causing a flurry of car accidents as they sped away. The driver of the fleeing vehicle allegedly struck six parked cars during the less-than-clean getaway.

The duo managed to get away from the scene temporarily, but police later caught one of the suspects. They are still searching for the other suspect.

There have not yet been any injuries reported from the owners of the six cars that were hit. Reports indicate that all six cars were parked, but this does not necessarily mean that there couldn’t have been passengers inside that were injured.

One possible option for the owners of these vehicles, or victims of similar incidents, if they do come forward as having sustained injuries, is to file a personal injury suit seeking compensation for losses and damages. The suspect that was caught may face criminal charges, and potentially face civil liability, to those who may have sustained injury. By consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney, the unlucky owners can recoup their losses to the full extent to which they are entitled and minimize the uncertainties inherent in such a situation.

California divers may take every precaution to be good drivers and avoid accidents, but even while parked, no car is perfectly safe. Incidents like this serve as a reminder that responsible California drivers still have to share the road. Hopefully in this case justice is done and the other suspect is also apprehended to take responsibility for the damage caused.

Source:, “Police search for 6 car hit-and-run driver,” April 17, 2012