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Driver causes four-car accident in Encinitas


A driver at a crowded intersection in Encinitas, California, recently caused a four-car collision when his car ran through a red light on Leucadia Boulevard and broadsided three cars heading southbound on El Camino Real.

Fortunately the car accident caused no serious injuries, but at least one of the drivers left the scene in an ambulance to seek medical attention. The ordeal shut down the intersection and police directed rush-hour commuters to find an alternate route.

Situations like this, unfortunately, are not uncommon. In this instance nobody suffered life-threatening injuries, but the accident still raises a number of issues for everyone involved. The victims of this accident may face difficulty when seeking compensation for their losses, which could include property damage and increased insurance rates. The victim taken to the hospital immediately after the incident may also need to seek monetary recovery for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages or other damages.

When people are injured in car crashed caused by other drivers, they make sure they get the compensation to which they are entitled by filing a personal injury suit against the responsible driver. Insurance companies may be reluctant to award the full justified amount, and if the driver is uninsured or underinsured the situation becomes even more complex.

Victims of a traffic accident injury or other personal injury or loss may consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help them determine the full extent of the compensation they may be entitled to receive and ensure that the party who caused the accident is held fully liable.

Source: Encinitas Patch, “Four-Car Accident Shuts Down Intersection of El Camino Real and Leucadia Blvd.,” April 5, 2012