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San Diego family heading to Disneyland in fatal car accident


A sad story unfolded recently in Southern California when the driver of a sedan swerved to avoid a collision, in the process slamming into an SUV carrying a group of five passengers heading for Disneyland. The results were nothing short of terrifying as the SUV skidded, flipped multiple times and stopped, hanging precariously on a highway overpass 30 feet above the ground. Fortunately, a quick-thinking construction crew working below the teetering SUV was able to use a forklift to support it until police and emergency workers could arrive on the scene. Tragically, one passenger died of severe head trauma, while the others were rushed to the emergency room with varying degrees of injury.

The driver of the sedan also struck a pickup truck, but neither motorist faced serious injury due to the wreck. The car that the sedan originally swerved to miss drove away, and police were still looking for information from any possible witnesses to the car accident.

It’s a truly horrifying series of events that turned a day of fun at Disneyland into a nightmare for the occupants of this SUV, but it’s a series of events that can occur almost instantaneously on the California highway system. But what course of action can these people take to move forward in the wake of this tragedy? They should be thankful that more fatalities did not occur, but what about the person who drove away unharmed after causing this wreckage?

For many victims of car accidents, speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney can provide them with the knowledge and insight to determine how to move forward and hold the culprit accountable for their pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of economic value and other losses.

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