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Police search for hit-and-run driver in fatal California crash


Fleeing the scene of a car accident is a crime. This is true for both guilty parties and innocent victims- everyone involved in an accident should stay to provide information to police officers and other drivers.

Recently, the California Highway Patrol said it was looking for a driver who allegedly fled the scene of a fatal accident. The car accident involved at least four vehicles, including a motorcycle driven by the man who was killed at the scene of the wreck.

According to authorities, the accident began when a man in a Dodge Neon swerved to avoid hitting a slowing Mini Cooper in front of him, but crashed into the motorcyclist riding between the carpool lane and the left lane. The motorcycle then hit the back of the Cooper and also a Ford Explorer, killing the motorcyclist. According to authorities, the Mini Cooper’s driver got out of the car to survey the damage and spoke to several others at the scene before getting back into his car and driving away. The California Highway Patrol said the Mini Cooper driver is wanted for felony hit and run.

After a car accident, all those involved must stay at the scene until it is deemed appropriate to leave. This is especially true after car accidents in which someone was injured or killed. Those who flee the scene of an accident risk facing criminal charges.

The criminal law system serves justice, but a civil lawsuit can also aid the victims of a car accident. Those who have been injured in a car accident can be compensated for their medical expenses and other costs if they can prove that their injuries were caused by a negligent driver. For civil suits to be successful, however, police officers need to complete a thorough investigation of the accident scene. When a driver flees the scene, this makes an investigation much harder to complete.

Source: Venice-Mar Vista Patch ” Update: Authorities Seeking Mini Cooper Driver in Felony-Hit-and-Run in Death of Motorcyclist on 405 Freeway,” October 17, 2012