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Police deal with motorcycle accidents on California freeway


California Highway Patrol had its hands full on Thursday, October 25th, as two separate motorcycle crashes resulted in one death and at least one injury, as well as a nasty traffic snarl that left most of the 405 freeway in gridlock.

Last week the blog mentioned a driver being sought by police after he fled the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident. Now, less than a month later, another motorcyclist was injured in a car accident, and again the driver fled and is wanted by police for questioning. Apparently after the motorcyclist collided with a sedan, the sedan driver fled the scene, and authorities took the motorcyclist to the hospital.

This was the second motorcycle accident of the day, as a single-vehicle accident claimed the life of another motorcycle rider earlier that afternoon.

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injury and death, especially when collisions occur at a high speed.

There are a number of disadvantages that make traveling on highways more dangerous for motorcyclists than for other drivers. For one, motorcycles do not have the safety features of most vehicles on the road. Since motorcycles are much smaller than most cars, visibility becomes an issue. Drivers in busy traffic lanes may fail to see an approaching motorcycle until it is too late, and the resulting collision can be devastating.

Drivers should be aware of and courteous to motorcyclists on highways, and motorcyclists should always obey traffic laws and take advantage of any and all security features that they have available to them.

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately still going to occur, but victims can count on the expertise of an experienced personal injury attorney when a person’s negligence on the road causes injury or death.

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