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California nurses accused of lewd acts near elderly patient


The California Attorney General has recently begun filing accusations against two men who were caught on tape performing lewd sexual acts involving a bedridden 98-year-old woman. The two men, ages 40 and 41, were nurses who were hired to provide in-home tracheotomy care for the woman, who has trouble talking but is still aware of her environment.

There are many documented incidents of nursing home abuse, but nothing can desensitize someone from the perverse acts of these two men who were caught on tape improperly touching their enfeebled patient and themselves.

The two men had their nursing licenses suspended two weeks ago and now the state is seeking to permanently revoke the licenses. In addition, the men could face serious criminal charges for their shocking acts of abuse.

The two men were hired to help this elderly woman, a 98-year-old stroke victim, and were paid well to do it. Documents show the services cost the woman’s family around $1300 a day. While care may be incredibly expensive, this story proves that spending lots of money is no guarantee that good care is certain.

Fortunately home surveillance cameras caught these two men, who will hopefully never be allowed to work in any medical profession again. If not for the camera, these two men could have potentially continued to abuse this poor woman, who may have been unable to communicate the horror of their conduct to her loved ones.

People want the best care for their elderly or feeble loved ones, but it can be unfortunately hard to find someone to trust with this sacred duty. People who suspect their loved ones are the victims of elder abuse by caretakers or medical professionals should immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source: San Diego 6 “State Officials Begin Process of Revoking Nursing Licenses,” by Derek Staahl, November 27, 2012