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Runaway meat truck suspect arrested for DUI


Earlier this month a meat delivery truck driver made headlines when he rear-ended a Toyota Prius on San Diego’s Sports Arena Boulevard. After smashing into the Prius, the meat truck driver jumped out of the vehicle and fled. The Prius driver was seriously injured in the car accident and taken to the hospital.

Police eventually found the man at a nearby gas station, where he was arrested. Police suspect the man had been drinking, and he was charged with hit and run and driving under the influence. Police apparently linked the truck to a report of a missing person earlier in the day, but there was no indication whether the driver who caused the car accident was the same person reported missing.

Rear-end accidents like this one can be extremely dangerous to drivers and passengers because they can suffer serious neck and back injuries when the force of a violent collision causes a whiplash-like effect. These injuries can cause long-term physical problems for the people involved, and some of the ailments may not even be apparent immediately after a car accident. Fortunately, those who are injured may be able to recover civil damages from the driver. These damages typically compensate injured parties for the cost of medical bills, lost time at work and pain and suffering, among other things.

Every car accident victim should take extra precautions to undergo a thorough medical examination as soon as possible after an accident. Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after the accident can help them move forward with the recovery process.

Source: CBS 8 San Diego, “DUI suspect arrested after hit-and-run accident,” Dec. 5, 2012