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Dui driver hits patrol car, injures officer


Late last month a man admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol after his pickup truck smashed into a San Diego police officer’s patrol car on Mission Gorge Road near Route 125. The car accident left the officer with serious internal injuries and broken bones and damaged his vehicle so badly that it took first responders nearly an hour to free him by cutting a hole in the car’s roof.

The driver, who did not suffer any serious injuries, told police that he had been drinking before the crash and was taken to San Diego central jail and charged with felony DUI.

Even as police began warning about the dangers of DUI this holiday season, at least two DUI incidents have already ended in tragedy. Another man was killed by a suspected drunk driver going the wrong way on Route 52 in Santee only a day before this accident.

During the holidays, far too many people make the mistake of driving under the influence and the victims who suffer because of the recklessness of others may have their lives shattered as a result. In this case, the police officer will face a long and painful recovery and the accident may permanently impact his physical and mental well-being.

Since the officer was injured on the job, he may be eligible for special benefits not always available to civilian victims of drunk or negligent drivers. Nonetheless, the officer will still miss time from work as he remains physically unable to perform his police duties and he may incur costly medical expenses as well. Californians who are injured by drunk drivers may benefit from contacting an experienced personal injury attorney to find out what damages they may be able to collect after a DUI accident shakes up their lives.

Source: Sacramento Bee “San Diego officer seriously hurt in car crash,” December 30, 2012