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Adverse weather causes serious traffic accidents


People in San Diego relish the warm, moderate climate, where sunny skies and comfortable temperatures are the norm. But when bad weather hits, people on the roads and highways in Southern California may lack the experience to stay safe on the roads. This was proven again on a weekend in January when spectators and commuters flocked to the PGA event at Torrey Pines, only to be waylaid by massive traffic jams caused by the bad weather and, unfortunately, an inordinate number of car accidents.

From midnight on the night of the 25th until 6 p.m. the next day, law enforcement and emergency crews responded to an astounding 333 car accidents, roughly six times the amount of incidents on an average day. Nasty, rainy weather was the main culprit, and tragically contributed to the death of one 19-year-old Oceanside woman, who lost control of her car on wet roads and slammed into an oncoming tractor-trailer.

People driving on the highways must to be prepared for delays in bad weather conditions, and driving on slick roads or in limited visibility which can increase the likelihood of accidents. Individuals should also ensure they have adequate insurance coverage for their vehicles under state law, and should maintain enough liability and medical insurance to cover damage done to themselves and others during a traffic accident.

Even with insurance, people may still be liable for medical expenses beyond their coverage, and if the motorist who caused the accident is lacking adequate insurance, they may find themselves in a tough situation. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury attorney can help victims of car accidents get the relief they need and deserve. When insurance isn’t enough, an attorney can help the victim obtain damage awards from the party at fault.

Source: UT San Diego “RAIN SPURS TRAFFIC COLLISIONS COUNTYWIDE; ONE DEAD,” Susan Shroder, January 26, 2013