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Child in stroller hit by SUV in critical condition


Earlier this month a San Diego woman ran over two pedestrians in a tragic traffic accident. The victims, a nanny pushing a stroller containing a 14-month-old child, were struck by the woman’s SUV as they crossed the street. The nanny, a 41-year-old mother with two teenagers of her own, was killed, and the child remains in intensive care with extensive injuries.

Allegedly the cause of the car accident was the SUV driver running a red light. However, police have not charged her with anything as they continue to investigate the awful incident. While nobody complained too much when San Diego recently shut down their red light camera program, this is one incident where a camera could have provided the proof necessary to make sure justice is served.

The child sustained injuries including numerous broken bones and a skull fracture, all of which could have devastating consequences for the victim’s development and future health.

The family of the driver, who lived near the scene of the accident, has issued a statement of apology and regret, but it is likely little comfort for the grieving family of the baby or the two children who lost their mother.

If the victim’s children wish to file a civil suit against the driver for her actions, they may receive damage awards for the wrongful death of their mother, who probably provided for them financially and in more ways than money can compensate. Depending on the extent of the baby’s injuries, his parents could collect damages on his behalf for what could amount to nearly a full lifetime of physical or developmental disabilities, a tragic thing to have to quantify, but what could amount to a large monetary sum.

Source: NBC 7, “Family of SUV Driver in Stroller Crash “Heartbroken,” Artie Ojeda and R. Stickney, Feb. 6, 2013