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Horrific bus crash kills 8, injures dozens


Last month a tour bus crash near Redlands, California, killed eight passengers and injured many more when the brakes apparently gave out, sending the bus hurdling down Highway 38 without any means of slowing down. The bus hit two other cars before flipping over, tossing the 38 passengers aboard the bus like rag dolls.

The bus incident is easily the most devastating car accident of the year thus far in California, and victims are outraged at the apparent negligence of the transportation company and the bus driver. The bus was carrying tourists after an excursion to Big Bear, and victims are also claiming that the charter company who set up the tour was partially responsible for dealing with a transportation company with a questionable safety record.

The company that provided the buses, Scapadas Magicas, has a record of serious safety and traffic violations, according to attorneys for the plaintiffs. A federal post-crash inspection of their other buses uncovered serious mechanical and safety violations as well, and they were immediately sequestered from further service.

It is truly unthinkable for these companies to jeopardize the safety of dozens of paying customers, as well as everyone else on the road. One unlucky driver was struck and later died after the bus slammed into his car. The culpability for these lives, as well as the countless injuries, lies entirely with the people who failed to take the proper precautions that likely would have prevented this tragedy.

Those injured in the accident may bring a civil suit for damages, including pain and suffering and medical expenses. Those who lost loved ones may bring a suit for wrongful death. No amount of money can fully compensate for a human life, but the companies responsible should be ordered to pay to the fullest extent of the law.

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