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Teenage pageant winner fights for life after wreck


Recently, a San Diego teenager suffered serious injuries when she was involved in a head-on collision with an alleged drunk driver. The young woman, who was recently named Miss San Diego’s Outstanding Teen 2013, was a passenger in a vehicle traveling on state Route 52 when it was struck by a car driving in the wrong direction. At the time of the crash, both cars were thought to be traveling over 65 miles per hour. Following the accident, the young pageant winner was rushed to the hospital where she was in a coma with an apparent brain injury.

Following the car accident, the teenager has been largely unconscious and reportedly unresponsive in her lower extremities. The swelling in her brain has gone down, but she still has serious injuries to overcome, including a broken jaw, wrists and pelvis. Hopefully, with the support of friends and family, the young woman will fully recover.

Sadly, those who suffer a brain injury may face a difficult road to recovery. Closed head injuries, which can carry with it the possibility of swelling- a symptom noted in this case, can have long term consequences such as paralysis. In such cases, medical bills can continue to accrue during the long-term recovery and force victims and their family to suffer financially in addition to the substantial emotional toll.

In cases where these injuries are caused by a negligent driver, such as one driving over the speed limit and in the wrong lane, a personal injury lawsuit can be the basis for obtaining the compensation necessary to address the financial consequences of an unfortunate accident. Taking this important step can help victims and their families focus on physical and emotional recovery during what can be very difficult time.

Source: “San Diego pageant titleholder injured in accident,” Michael Mcguire, March 21, 2013