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High School students get crash course in DUI dangers


Teenagers at a San Diego high school were given quite a shock earlier this month when they walked outside and watched a drunk student run over and kill one of their teachers in broad daylight in front of the school. What they witnessed was actually a simulated car accident, put on by a group called “Every 15 Minutes” that spreads awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. The group’s goal is to make drunk drivers think twice, in hopes of curbing this dreadful statistic: every 15 minutes, somebody dies of an alcohol-related accident.

While nobody is hurt during these shocking dramatizations, they do get student drivers to think about the consequences they face when they get in a car after drinking. Young drivers can be a particularly dangerous bunch, not only because they lack experience behind the wheel, but also because they may engage in dangerous activities such as texting while driving or drinking and driving.

Young people know that they can face serious criminal charges for this illegal conduct, but many of these warnings may go unheeded, which is why Every 15 Minutes takes the next step to show them the real-life horror of a DUI in graphic detail.

One additional thing teen drivers should know is that they carry serious legal liability for their actions behind the wheel. A driver who injures or kills another person on the road because of their negligent or illegal activity can be held liable for all of the damage they cause, including paying compensatory damages to their victims. In California, these damage amounts can be tremendous. People who are injured by a drunk driver should always seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney, who can help put an end to drunk driving by making sure those who break the law are held fully accountable to their victims.

Source: NBC 7 “Staged Car Accident Highlights DUI Dangers,” Sarah Grieco, May 15, 2013