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Poor California roads prove expensive for drivers


A recent news article focused on a national study on road conditions, which showed California drivers may be more likely to have to undergo costly car repairs because of the condition of California public roads and highways. The study looked at the cost of repairs the average driver incurred because of poor road conditions, and, shockingly, 7 of the top 13 cities were in California, including San Diego, where drivers incurred an average of $654 in additional operating costs.

Not only do poor road conditions require more frequent car maintenance and increase the cost of insurance for many Californians, they can also be responsible for car accidents and serious injuries. Road conditions can play a major part in highway safety, especially in poor weather. For example, a road that does not drain properly could cause a car’s tires to lose traction, which could end up with the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Other examples include potholes, which can not only mess up a car’s alignment or cause a flat tire, they can cause serious accidents when people swerve to avoid them or lose control of their vehicle after hitting one.

People who are injured by potholes and other unsafe conditions on California roads may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses and other losses. For example, a man in Long Island, New York was recently awarded close to $23 million when known hazardous road conditions caused him to suffer a violent car accident. When people suffer injury or property damage due to hazardous conditions on public roads, they can and should hold the city or state entity that is responsible for their safety and maintenance accountable.

Source: Mercury News, “Roadshow: San Jose leads nation in pothole-related car costs,” Gary Richards, April 29, 2013.