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Teenage texter sends motorcycle cop to hospital


People in California know the dangers caused by distracted drivers but, for some drivers, common knowledge can’t make up for a lack of common sense. This was the unfortunate case for one newly-licensed teenager in Ramona last month, who ended up badly injuring a police officer on a motorcycle in a wreck caused by texting and driving.

The car accident occurred in the middle of a weekday afternoon on rural route 78 in Ramona, when a man driving a Chevrolet stopped at an intersection in preparation of making a left-hand turn. The young driver in the car behind him was too busy firing off a text to look up, though, and rear-ended the man’s car, pushing him into the intersection and directly in front of oncoming traffic.

Due to unfortunate timing, a police officer on a motorcycle was crossing the intersection and was unable to stop in time. He slammed into the Chevy and ended up crashing into the windshield of the Ford being driven by the young texter. The police officer was badly injured, and had to be airlifted to a local hospital for treatment of severe trauma. The two other vehicle drivers were also taken to an area hospital with moderate injuries.

Texting and driving is illegal in California, yet far too many accidents still occur due to this inconsiderate and potentially dangerous act. While California criminal law may not fully punish distracted driving, victims of accidents caused by texting and driving can bring a civil suit for damages to obtain monetary amounts including their financial losses and pain and suffering. People who are injured by distracted drivers and other negligent people on the road should contact an experienced personal injury attorney, and make sure those people accept the full liability for the harm their actions have caused.

Source: Fox 5 San Diego, “CHP: Texting teen causes crash injuring cop,” May 30, 2013