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Simi Valley fireworks accident turns display into a war zone


People in San Diego know that the 4th of July can be a dangerous time when fireworks and pyrotechnics are involved, but even despite the numerous warnings and safety precautions year after year, this 4th of July was no different. In fact, it was far worse for dozens of horrified fireworks watchers who suffered burn injuries after a Simi Valley fireworks display went catastrophically wrong.

About 10,000 people had gathered on the 4th to watch the magical display, but about five minutes into the show something went horribly wrong. According to firefighters and investigators, a firework exploded too early, setting off a chain reaction of unplanned explosions that sent explosives and debris hurtling toward the hapless crowd, whose amazement quickly turned to terror. People rushed in all directions to escape the projectiles exploding all around them, but nonetheless at least 36 people received medical treatment for injuries they sustained in the accident. Officials believe there was not criminal activity involved in the incident and the area is now deemed to be safe.

Fortunately nobody was killed in this incident, but there are still many victims, including the elderly and at least one toddler, with significant injuries. Burn injuries can be significantly worse than other types of injuries. They are extremely painful and must be treated with the highest degree of care in order to avoid infection and properly heal. They often require surgery, and the recovery process itself can take a very long time, often leaving disfiguring scars that will last a lifetime.

In this case the victims have incurred major medical expenses and may miss out on days of work and other financial losses. Of course, that is not to mention pain and suffering, as well as wearing the scars of a traumatic event that may never heal. Burn victims whose injuries were caused by the negligence of another deserve compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide advice regarding the types of compensation available to burn victims.

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