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Family of four face critical injuries after serious crash


Drivers in San Diego understand that various vehicles of different sizes share the road. Although this is very common, sometimes the size of a vehicle can pose dangers and risks. Large trucks and buses often have larger blind spots and vehicles next to them could go unnoticed. Furthermore, they do not maneuver the same way as smaller vehicles, so if they need to make an abrupt stop and turn to evade a hazard, they could lose control of the vehicle.

A frightening car accident recently occurred in Chula Vista. A van with a mother and her three children aboard slammed into a bus carrying special needs children at around 9:30 a.m. The mother, as well as her three children, ages 11, 4 and 1, were all rescued by first responders as their van lay rolled over on its side.

Emergency crews had to extract at least one of the passengers. All of the van occupants were seriously injured and rushed to local hospitals, where they were listed in stable condition. In addition, one of the children aboard the bus suffered injuries and was taken to a hospital. Luckily, none of the other bus occupants were harmed.

Police have to yet determine what caused the accident, which occurred at a busy intersection that has a growing reputation for being extremely dangerous. The intersection of East Palomar Street and La Media Road, where the accident occurred, has now been the site of at least five major car crashes over the last two years.

Police will continue to investigate the crash to determine if either driver was at fault. If a driver was negligent and caused the crash, that driver could be held liable for any injuries suffered by the other vehicle’s passengers. However, given this intersection’s extensive car accident history, they may also look at improving safety at this dangerous section of the road. When people are injured because of municipal negligence to correct a known safety hazard, the victims could be entitled to damages from the city, including pain and suffering, medical expenses and other losses.

Recovering from an accident can be a difficult and emotional time. Those affected by a crash should understand their rights and options. This can better prepare them if they decide filing a personal injury claim is the route they want to take.

Source: NBC 7 “Mom, Kids Seriously Injured in Crash,” Oct. 14, 2013