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San Diego tour bus skids, overturns


Unfortunately, serious bus crashes suddenly seem to be too common an occurrence in California. According to reports, there have been at least five tour bus crashes in the southern part of the state since last August, killing two people and injuring 120.

Two recent crashes in particular took place in different places at almost the same time. One tour bus crash in Corona, seriously injured 20 people. Another tour bus near Fallbrook – discussed in a previous post on this blog – unexpectedly skidded for a short distance before flipping over, seriously injuring 22 of the occupants and killing one.

A recent story in the Press Enterprise noted that thousands of people hop on tour buses like those involved in the above accidents destined for local casinos, but shockingly little is done to regulate the tour buses. Driving a massive, unwieldy vehicle can be extremely difficult and most bus accidents are the result of driver error. In addition, inspections by California Highway Patrol officials have shown that about 20 percent of all buses failed to meet safety standards and had to be taken off the road.

Bus passengers should be able to expect a safe and pleasant ride, but lately it seems they’ve been getting the exact opposite. Just like car accident victims, bus passengers are entitled to seek compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses and other losses when a bus driver fails to follow safety precautions, or if the transportation company that operates the bus fails to adequately inspect and maintain their vehicle.

However, pursuing a claim when a major company is involved is different in some important ways than suing another individual. For this reason, bus accident victims may wish to consider consulting with an attorney experienced in such cases to seek the best possible outcome.

Source: ABC 30 “Southern California tour bus crash injures 22, kills 1,” Dec. 19, 2013