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Horrific crash kills six, drunk driver may be to blame


It seems like people in San Diego can hardly go a week without hearing about another drunk driving tragedy, and the month of February has been no exception. The most recent accident to grab headlines occurred earlier this month in the east Los Angeles suburb of Diamond Bar, when a wrong-way driver caused a head-on collision with another vehicle in the early morning hours.

The suspected drunk driver was a 21-year-old woman from Fontana, who was driving her red Chevy Camaro down the wrong lane of State Route 60 around 4:40 in the morning. She slammed into a Ford Explorer, which was then hit by another car behind it.

The wreckage left a gut-wrenching scene for accident investigators and rescue crews. The Ford Explorer was crumpled like a soda can and several people were thrown from their vehicles due to the force of the collision. The death toll has now reached six victims, four were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash and two later died of their injuries as they fought for their lives in the hospital. The suspected drunk driver in the Camaro survived the crash, but also has serious injuries. Police have indicated there was evidence of alcohol being a major factor in the car accident, but no formal charges have been brought yet.

Sadly, six innocent lives were cut short, possibly due to somebody’s inexcusable decision to get behind the wheel under the influence. The families of the victims now have to face the reality that their loved ones were killed in a grisly crash that could have been prevented. While bringing a civil suit against the drunk driver won’t bring their loved ones back, they may be able to obtain damages, including amounts for wrongful death. By doing so they would also send the powerful message that drivers must always be held accountable for their actions.

Source: UT San Diego “6 die in multi-car crash on S. California freeway,” Feb. 9, 2014