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Cyclist killed by massive truck at San Marcos intersection


People in San Diego may have heard about yet another tragic bike crash fatality. The most recent such accident occurred earlier this month in San Marcos on a Thursday morning, when a cement truck plowed over a 22-year-old cyclist at the busy intersection of S. Las Posas Road and Grand Avenue.

Apparently the cement truck had stopped at a red light and then was making a right turn when it plowed into the unsuspecting cyclist. The cyclist never had a chance, and was completely crushed by the vehicle, which rolled over him with its rear tires. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Witnesses to the incident claim that it was possible that the cyclist had entered the intersection against the red light, and the cement truck was unable to stop in time. However, given that eye-witness testimony is historically less than completely reliable, more investigation will certainly be needed before police and investigators can draw any concrete conclusions. There are also many other factors involved, including whether or not the truck was legally allowed to make a right turn on red at that intersection.

Depending on their investigation and other factors, if the cement truck driver was found to be negligent, then the family of the deceased cyclist may be able to bring a suit for damages against the cement truck driver, as well as the driver’s employee if the accident occurred during work in the course of the driver’s employment.

People who have been injured or have lost loved ones in bicycle accidents have rights and they should discuss their concerns with an experienced personal injury attorney. This tragic accident should not be overlooked, but should be seen as yet another powerful consequence of the lack of bike awareness amongst drivers in the San Diego area.

Source: NBC 7 San Diego “Bicyclist Struck, Killed by Truck Cement in San Marcos,” Monica Garske and Andie Adams, April 10, 2014