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Fiery California bus crash kills 10, injures more


People in San Diego may have heard about the horrific charter bus crash that occurred earlier this month in Northern California. The bus involved in the collision was one of three charter buses that were traveling north from Los Angeles to Humboldt State University. The trip was supposed to be a joyous one, filled with opportunities for many underprivileged youths in the Southern California area who were getting a chance to find out more about the possibility of continuing their education at a higher level. Instead, the day abruptly turned tragic when an accident occurred.

While the bus was traveling northbound on Interstate 5, a FedEx truck unexpectedly plowed through the median and ran directly into the bus, causing a head-on collision that erupted into a fireball in a matter of mere seconds. The fiery collision ended up claiming 10 lives, and left many more with serious injuries and burns. The driver of both the FedEx truck and bus were killed. Additionally, five students and three chaperones were killed in the collision and subsequent fire.

Victims who were able to escape death did so by exiting through a kicked-out window. Soon after the surviving victims escaped, the bus was engulfed in flames after it exploded.

Dozens of victims were transported to area hospitals with various injuries including broken bones, cuts, serious burn injuries and smoke inhalation. Burn injuries can be particularly painful, scarring and emotionally and physically damaging. These innocent victims will face a long and painful recovery, but with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, they should be able to hold those responsible accountable for their negligence and obtain compensation for their injuries.

Source: NPR, “Couple: Truck was on fire before deadly bus crash,” April 12, 2014