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UC professor killed by hit and run driver


People in San Diego may have heard about a horrifying hit and run accident that claimed the life of an innocent pedestrian, who was crushed as she walked along the sidewalk with her husband. After the car jumped the curb, slammed into the woman and sped away as if nothing had happened, the helpless husband was left holding his badly battered wife, who died in his arms along the side of the road minutes later.

The woman was a 62-year-old professor at the University of San Diego, whose own research and hard work could have potentially saved many lives. She was working on an artificial heart before her own life was mercilessly cut short, adding a cruel twist to an already horrible story.

Police are looking for the driver, who they believe was driving a silver vehicle that will probably have some front-end damage and may be missing the rearview mirror on the passenger side. Police will obviously want to bring this person to justice and have them answer for their part in this innocent woman’s death. Hopefully this cowardly hit-and-run driver will be caught or come forward to answer for their crimes.

When a person is killed in a car accident, the person who caused it due to recklessness or negligence should be required to compensate the family and loved ones of the deceased. In a wrongful death suit, the surviving family members may be able to collect damages, which may include the person’s financial contributions to the family unit. This woman was a well-established doctor and teacher who had done a lot of good for her family, her students and indeed the field of medicine. Fully compensating someone for the loss of such a person may be impossible, but that doesn’t mean the perpetrator shouldn’t be required to pay what they can, for as long as it takes, until their civil judgment is fulfilled.

Source: Pomerado News “Police looking for Nissan Altima in fatal hit-run crash,” May 22, 2014