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Toddler suffers life-threatening burns in police raid


People in California and across the nation were shocked to hear the tragic story of a toddler who was gruesomely injured when police conducted a late-night raid on the house in which the child and his mother were staying. Police stormed through the doors and tossed a stun grenade into the room where the child’s portable crib was located. The dangerous incendiary device landed in the child’s crib where it exploded, causing horrific injuries to the sleeping 19-month-old boy.

The boy suffered life-threatening burns and injuries from the blast, and was rushed to a local hospital burn unit. Doctors had to place the child in a medically induced coma while they worked frantically to treat his grievous injuries. According to the mother, the child’s face was “ripped open,” and he suffered serious burns and injuries over many other parts of his small body.

Fortunately, the child’s life was saved, but the innocent child still faces a long and painful recovery process. Burn injuries are well known to be incredibly painful, and it’s almost unfathomable for a child that young to have to fight through such awful pain.

The family was extremely shaken up by the incident, which will likely cause the child permanent disfigurement and physical difficulties. Friends of the family have set up a charitable fund to help the family pay for the child’s massive medical expenses; but even with this help, the family will surely face difficulties. With the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney, they may want to consider filing a lawsuit against the reckless police force who caused this irreparable harm. If successful, they could obtain damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other losses.

Source: Daily Mail, “SWAT team throws a stun grenade into a toddler’s CRIB during drugs raid leaving him in a coma with severe burns,” Helen Pow, May 30, 2014