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Food truck explosion has customers concerned for their safety


People in San Diego know that the food truck craze is in full stride across California and the entire country. When done right, a food truck can be an affordable and convenient option to get some unique and delicious food, but a horrible accident earlier this month has would-be customers concerned about the safety of these mobile kitchens.

The accident in question occurred in another state, when a popular neighborhood food truck unexpectedly and violently erupted into a fiery explosion. The frightening explosion was caught on tape by a nearby surveillance camera, and quickly made the rounds to national news outlets and social media. Overall, 13 people, many of them customers and others on the street in the vicinity of the truck, were injured. At least two of these victims are still in critical condition with serious burn injuries.

The initial investigation seems to indicate that one of the propane tanks used by the food truck for cooking was the source of the explosion, and then other flammable materials in the truck exacerbated the fire. Propane tanks can be safe when they function properly and people use them correctly, but when things go wrong, accidents like this one could seriously injure or kill innocent people.

Burn injuries can be particularly painful and difficult to recover from, and many require treatment that can last for weeks or months. They can cause serious and persistent scarring, and even permanent disfigurement. Victims of burn injuries may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, including monetary awards for their considerable pain and suffering, as well as other monetary losses such as medical expenses.

Source: CBS Philly, “13 Injured, 2 Critical, In Feltonville Food Truck Explosion,” July 1, 2014