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Illegal fireworks accident costs worker his hand and fingers


The Fourth of July in California means families and friends gathering to enjoy good food and drink, relax in the outdoors and, of course, enjoy fireworks displays. Some people are content to observe and leave the fireworks to the professionals, while some thrill-seeking celebrators prefer to create their own backyard fireworks displays. Inevitably, this leads to a tremendous uptick in burn injuries and fireworks-related emergency room visits during the Fourth of July weekend. Unfortunately, but perhaps predictably, this was the case again this summer.

One of the most horrific fireworks injuries in the state of California occurred in San Jose, where a 40-year-old construction worker suffered gruesome injuries to his hands when an illegally sold professional-grade firework exploded unexpectedly in his grip. The man was rushed to the emergency room with serious burn injuries and shattered bones in both hands. When it was all said and done, the man had to have his entire right hand, as well as three fingers from his left hand, completely amputated.

The man reportedly purchased these fireworks from a local store for $50. Local stores are not legally permitted to sell such heavy-duty munitions, and police have been scrambling to locate the store and make sure that no more of these dangerous illegal fireworks make it on the street.

For most construction workers, their hands are their livelihood. For this man, his future employment may be seriously compromised by this unfortunate accident. However, he may be entitled to compensation, including amounts for the cost of medical treatment, pain and suffering, as well as lost wages. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, the victim could see a silver lining to this otherwise horrible accident.

Source: The New York Daily News “California construction worker loses a hand, 3 fingers in fireworks accident,” Lee Moran, July 7, 2014