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CA insurance companies do not want to pay after car accidents


People who are injured in a California car accident, slip and fall or any other accident have a lot of things to worry about. Not only does paying for unexpected and costly medical treatment become a serious issue, but if a person’s injuries are severe enough, they may not even be able to continue working, compromising or completely cutting off the income of a person or family.

During this time, people should be able to count on insurance companies to help them cover their costs, pay for damages and allow them to focus on recovering and getting on with their lives. Unfortunately, though, insurance companies cannot be trusted to give people the benefits they are entitled to.

In an effort to squeeze consumers and maximize their own profits, insurance companies and their agents may act in bad faith to deny or delay payment of rightful claims. By intentionally refusing to settle a claim, failing to reimburse or promptly communicate with a person or outright denying payment for a legitimate claim, insurance companies can unfortunately get away with acting in bad faith.

This is where the value of an experienced California personal injury attorney can really come through for accident victims. While some insurance companies try to take advantage of people without legal representation, they can quickly change their tune when a knowledgeable attorney is negotiating or acting on the victim’s behalf. If they still refuse to pay full and timely claims, the attorney can pursue litigation against the insurance company, which can potentially open the door for extensive compensatory and punitive damages.

When car accident victims are vulnerable and focusing on getting back to full strength, the last thing they should have to worry about is fighting the insurance company. An attorney is available to review cases and claims and represent people whenever an insurance company is acting in bad faith.