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How do burn injuries most commonly occur?


People in California who love to cook know that many accidents can occur in the kitchen. Surround a person with enough sharp objects, hot surfaces and the pressure of a hungry family or guests and it’s easy to see why the kitchen is the place where most burn injuries commonly occur in the home. To avoid burns occurring in the kitchen, people should always keep an eye on their pots and pans while they are cooking and always turn the handles towards in the inside of the counter, so that others can’t grab or knock them over. If a fire actually ever does break out, people should keep a fire extinguisher ready and accessible at all times. If a person tries to use water to put out a grease fire, the results can be significantly worse.

It’s very easy to make mistakes in the kitchen, but there are also many other places in the household where accidents leading to burn injuries can occur. Most of the things people can do to prevent common burn injuries are fairly common sense steps, but they’re worth a reminder from time to time. For example, a lot of people drink coffee to get going in the morning, but before your wheels are fully turning, it’s easy to set down a steaming cup of coffee or tea where it can easily be spilled. Keeping a lid on hot liquids or at least keeping them away from counters where they can easily be spilled, especially around young ones, is a must.

First aid for burn injuries should include running the burn under cool water or putting a cool towel over the burned area. Serious burns may result in significant blistering and should always be treated by a medical professional. In addition, even small burns can leave permanent scars or disfiguring marks, so people may want to see a doctor for even minor household burns.

Burns might require an emergency room visit or other expensive medical care, so people who were burned due to someone else’s fault may want to consider speaking to an experienced California personal injury attorney. If the burn was caused by someone else’s negligence, the victim could be entitled to damages to cover medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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