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Man pushing stroller slammed by car at dangerous crosswalk


A tragic accident occurred earlier this month when a man pushing his 7-month-old child in a stroller entered a Point Loma crosswalk. Without warning, a person driving an SUV turned right at the intersection and slammed directly into the man and the stroller, causing serious injuries to both the man and his child. Both were rushed to Scripps Mercy Hospital with life-threatening injuries, including broken bones and serious head injuries.

People were shaken by this tragedy, but a closer look at the history of this intersection reveals that it has been a hotbed of automobile accidents in the recent past, many of which have included pedestrians. People who live nearby know how dangerous it is, and say that oftentimes cars can’t even see that there is a crosswalk until it is too late. Over the last few years there have been no less than eight eerily similar accidents at the very same intersection, and a grand total of nearly 80 accidents in the close vicinity. In total, nearly 100 people have suffered injuries in accidents occurring in this area.

This begs the question why the San Diego city council or law enforcement have yet to do anything to mitigate the danger at this intersection, even though it has a significant and tragic past including numerous car accidents that they should be well aware of. Pedestrians and drivers shouldn’t have to be continually victimized by a troublesome road and pedestrian area that presents a clear danger to those who use it.

Hopefully, the victims of the latest collision will recover fully, but they will face a long and difficult recovery and may even have persisting physical, mental and emotional scars. While it is unknown if there were any other factors involved in this incident, others who have been injured in car accidents may, with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, be able to hold the responsible parties, if any, accountable for damages, including pain and suffering, medical expenses and other losses.

Source: NBC 7 “Father, Infant Suffer Life-Threatening Injuries in Point Loma Crash,” Samantha Tatro, Matt Rascon and Wendy Fry, March 2, 2015