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The hidden costs of a car accident


Owning a car in southern California is a luxury that many people take for granted, until they stop and think about how much it costs to own and drive a car. Of course, most drivers in California also know that without their car, they may not be able to get where they need to be. A lot of people take all of the good that their car does for them for granted, as well, until, of course, they have to do without it.

Getting in a car accident is something that many people in California face at some point or another in their lives. Until “smart” self-driving cars become a reality, there will always be the possibility of human error causing a car crash. Hopefully the results are merely property damage and a temporary inconvenience, but, sadly, too many crashes end in injury or death.

No matter how serious the accident, a headache is always inevitable and a big part of that headache is the financial hit that comes with the accident and its aftermath. There are the direct costs that a person has to pay, such as repair shop costs, medical bills, a tow truck and maybe even a ticket and fine from police. Then there are the other costs that may not be immediately measurable, such as the time and wages lost from not being able to work, the inevitable rise in a person’s car insurance rates and the cost of having to deal with potential lingering side effects and persistent injuries.

One of the worst parts about being in a car accident is that these hidden costs never really seem to go away. They may not be apparent immediately after a crash, but they may become an even bigger problem down the road. This is why every person who is injured or harmed in a car accident should speak with an experienced California personal injury attorney about their case. It is a matter of protecting one’s self and their loved ones, which is the most important goal of all.