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California dog attacks at home or in public have consequences


San Diego is a city made for dog lovers. With an enjoyable climate year-round and numerous parks, trails and other places for dogs and their humans to enjoy, it is no wonder that so many San Diego residents often take their dogs with them almost everywhere they go. However, there is a potential downside to having so many dogs in one area, which is the fact that even good pets sometimes act badly. When a dog bites, jumps on or knocks over a person, serious injuries can occur, leaving the victim in a very difficult position.

A lot of dog bite victims might not know where to turn for help. For people who consider themselves dog lovers, they could not imagine having to report a dog bite to the police or sue the dog’s owner for damages. Nonetheless, when faced with the harsh consequences of medical bills, physical and mental pain and other issues brought on by a dog bite, they might begin to realize that being a dog lover has nothing to do with the situation they are in.

A lot of people’s first concerns are that they do not want the dog to be put to sleep as a result of reporting the bite or attack. In most cases it is very unlikely that the dog will be required to be put to sleep as a result of a bite incident. The exception might be if the attack was extremely violent, or if the dog had a history of aggressive behavior, in which case the dog represents a danger to everyone, and failing to report the incident only puts others at risk of a future attack.

Another common concern is that they do not want to put the dog’s owner under financial duress by filing a civil lawsuit. In most cases, responsible dog owners will have insurance which should cover part or all of the damages caused by the dog in most circumstances, so the owner him or herself might not be greatly affected, even if the victim is awarded a large sum for damages.

Being bit by a dog can be an emotionally and physically painful experience, so victims should turn to a personal injury attorney who understands their pain and can help them through this difficult time. The attorneys at the Ellis Helm are ready to put their knowledge and experience to work for new clients.