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How can I file a complaint about a nursing home?


Nursing homes in California might not all be relaxation and enjoyment. For every well-manicured green lawn and attentive and caring staff member, there may well be an unsanitary facility and an abusive or neglectful nurse or assistant. Unqualified or short-handed staff, abusive workers, unsanitary or overcrowded facilities and lack of sufficient medical care are all major problems that California senior citizens are facing, but those who don’t take matters into their own hands may never be able to correct the problem.

People in California who suspect or have proof that they or someone they know is the victim of nursing home neglect may not know where to turn. They want their voices to be heard, but who do they call? Reports and statistics show that filing a complaint with a county or state regulatory body might not even make a difference, since they are dealing with a tremendous backlog of cases and may not be able to deal with all but the most serious and threatening cases in a timely manner.

Even though they might not get timely results in every case, people should still definitely file a complaint with the California Department of Health. However, just stopping there might not be enough to stop the present situation from recurring or continuing. People might also consider calling on an experienced California nursing home neglect attorney to help them with their case.

An attorney might be able to tell nursing home neglect victims and their families if they are potentially eligible for monetary compensation for the injuries and injustices they have suffered. For more information on a specific case or incident, people should consider discussing their cases with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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