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Cyclists often the victims of distracted drivers


It is a known fact that bicycle awareness, or the lack thereof, is a significant problem on California roads and highways. Everybody has somewhere to be, and nobody seems to have the time to drive defensively and courteously. Now add cell phones and hand-held devices into the mix, and the result is more and more distracted and inconsiderate drivers on the road, driving vehicles which present a real threat to cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers and their passengers.

California has strict laws against using cell phones while driving, but is this really enough? Even if the police were to direct their full attention to stopping distracted driving, it is still unlikely they could completely eliminate it. Some people think it is harmless and victim-less to check their emails or texts while driving, but these people have probably never seen the life-changing damage that can occur.

Cyclists who are struck by distracted drivers are at high risk of serious injury or death. Even with reasonable safety equipment, injury may be inevitable. There is simply no helmet on the market which can protect a human from a multi-ton vehicle slamming into him or her at a high rate of speed.

Still, cyclists are largely undeterred and will continue to share the California roads with other vehicles. Hopefully the threat of distracted driving will be minimized by education and policing efforts, but there is also another valuable tool in the fight against distracted drivers. Personal injury attorneys are available to help victims and their families get the compensation they deserve, and also hold the perpetrators accountable for their irresponsible or negligent acts. By holding these drivers responsible, victims and their attorneys are helping do their part to stamp out the threat of distracted driving. For more information, you may check out our bicycle accident web page.