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Burns can kill in many different ways


People in Southern California, in particular, have seen the damage and destruction that fire can bring. Wildfires have been ripping through the California landscape during this historic drought, leaving a trail of destruction that has claimed untold millions of dollars in lost property and several civilian and firefighter lives. These wildfires are a constant threat, but there is also another type of threat that is much more common that goes largely overlooked, household burn injuries.

While wildfires grab most headlines, burn injuries and deaths in the home are far more common than those caused by wildfires. The American Burn Association recently released its 2015 statistics, which show that accidents involving burns are a tremendous source of suffering and death across the entire U.S. The most recent figures show that nearly 500,000 people are admitted into U.S. hospitals each year with burn injuries requiring medical treatment of some kind.

Some burn injuries are more serious than others, and third degree burns from extraordinary heat may require extensive surgery, skin grafts and continuing treatment for many months or even years after the initial burn incident. Burn injuries are also particularly painful and difficult to manage, and the latest available statistics show that hospitals are routinely seeing patients with significant burns and providing acute care for these incredibly painful and dangerous injuries. But burns themselves aren’t the only danger from household fires, there is also the issue of smoke inhalation, which claimed over 3000 lives in 2013. There can also be infections and ongoing injuries caused by burns.

People who suffer burns caused by household accidents, vehicle accidents or any other source may be able to get compensation to help them get the medical treatment they need. If the injuries were caused by another person’s negligence or a product which did not perform properly, the victim could be entitled to not only compensation, but also other significant damages. For more information, people should consider speaking to an experienced Southern California personal injury attorney.

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