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Why might one settle a California personal injury claim?


People in California who have been injured in a car accident have a lot of significant choices to make. Unfortunately, many of these are very personal and very complex questions that require a lot of searching. Perhaps the most important search is that search for the right attorney to assist in a potential legal matter. The more information a person can get the better, and a good source of this information is a local attorney who will give a potential client honest and straightforward advice.

When it comes to selecting an attorney, people should look for an attorney who is going to listen to their needs and wishes and take those into account while navigating through the case. An attorney may be able to provide assistance, leadership and expertise, but the most important decisions in the case are always those of the client.

One of the bigger decisions a car accident victim has to make is whether or not to take a settlement offer from another party or insurance company. Many times the decision to accept a settlement or not is one of convenience and client preference. For example, a person might decide they would rather accept a smaller settlement now than spend a longer period of time in litigation, or risk getting a smaller settlement or losing their case. In some cases, it might make sense to settle rather than face continued uncertainty as a byproduct of the court process.

An attorney can advise a client about the consequences of their choice, and perhaps even counsel them about their potential to win or lose a particular case or hold out for a better offer, but the ultimate decision is the client’s alone. This important decision depends on the circumstances of the case and the individual, so for more personalized information people should call a California personal injury attorney.

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