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Choosing the right nursing home can be difficult


People in California have literally thousands of options when it comes to choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility for their loved ones. The choice often comes down to what a family can afford and what their insurance will cover, but other issues such as location and the quality of the facility are just as important factors in the decision. The decision can be incredibly difficult, and knowing where to get reliable information is also difficult, so people need to do their homework and question their source of information before making this important decision.

Of particular importance for people to consider is whether the facility will respect the rights and privileges of the patient. The facility must be able to provide medical professionals that can provide services to meet the particular needs of the patient, and they must be able to treat the patient with dignity, respect and kindness.

To ensure this, California law also provides a nursing home resident “bill of rights” of sorts, which outlines the protections every patient should be afforded. These rights include the right to visit with family and friends, have confidentiality in health information records, live in a clean, safe and comfortable environment and have choice and privacy when it comes to making health care decisions and receiving treatment. These are just a few of the rights that all California patients must be able to enjoy, otherwise people need to seriously question their choice of nursing home.

Unfortunately it isn’t always easy to tell when nursing home neglect is occurring. The warning signs may be slight, and staff and facility managers may not always be truthful and forthcoming. That is why people need to be vigilant to protect their loved ones, which may mean consulting with a California personal injury attorney if they think their loved one’s rights have been violated.

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