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The right approach for a victim of a dog bite injury


Most people generally like dogs, and many never even think about the possibility that they could be the victim of a severe dog bit injury. However, the fact is that every day in California there are probably a number of people who are injured by a dog bite, whether it is from their own dog or a dog that belongs to someone else.

If a dog bite is severe enough, the victim may be left with significant medical expenses. The first concern in the aftermath of a dog attack is obviously for the victim to get the medical treatment that is needed. And, in that point in the timeline, the victim probably isn’t thinking too much about how those expenses will be paid. However, it can be important to get a few facts: find out who owns the dog, take pictures of the injuries that were the result of the animal attack and report the attack to the police.

Why is it important to take these steps? Well, the main reason is that the attacking dog may need to be impounded and put down if it is a vicious dog, but the other reason it is important for the victim is because down the line a personal injury lawsuit may need to come into play.

In a personal injury lawsuit that results from a dog bite, the victim may be able to secure compensation for the physical pain, emotional pain and medical expenses that were the result of the dog attack. The good news in California is that the bar to meet in this type of personal injury lawsuit is relatively low. In California, a dog’s owner is strictly liable for the damages – that means that relatively little evidence is needed to prove the attack occurred in order for the dog’s owner to be held responsible. For more information on how our law firm attempts to help victims of dog bite attacks, please visit our website.