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Burn injuries can permanently impact lives


An unfortunate truth of the world is that there are numerous ways ourselves and our loved ones can be injured. Some of these injuries result in nothing more than a scrape or a bruise, but others can have much more serious implications and consequences. One such category of serious injuries is burn injuries.

Although burns usually conjure horrific images, like most injuries, not all burns are extremely serious in nature. First degree burns, such as a bad sunburn, are common and usually heal without much consequence or long-lasting effects. Second-degree burns are more serious and painful, but treatment can prevent long-lasting effects such as significant scarring.

Third-degree burns, however, are extremely serious and can permanently impact a person’s life. These types of burn can be the result of many different accidents and dangerous situations, but all must be handled with swift medical care. Unfortunately, these burns and medical care can result in massive medical bills and other negative effects on a life.

Because these injuries are so serious, determining the cause of the burn is extremely important. If the injury was due to the negligence of another party, there may be legal options available that can help recover damages such as medical bills. Ellis Helm is experienced with handling these types of cases and will examine every detail in order to form a solid plan of legal action. While the physical and emotional trauma of such incidents can be very difficult to manage, our attorneys can assist in seeking an optimal outcome which will hopefully pave the way for a more comfortable road to recovery. For more information, please visit our page.