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Know your rights after a bicycle accident in San Diego


Many of our San Diego readers probably ride their bicycles to and from work, or perhaps just for recreation, on a regular basis. There is no doubt that bicycling is becoming more popular every year, and many cities throughout the country are actively making changes to their infrastructure to accommodate this change in transportation habits. One potential problem, however, is that more bicyclists on and near our roadways could mean more bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles.

As most of our readers would probably expect, bicycle accidents usually leave the bicyclist with serious injuries, while the driver of the motor vehicle is left unscathed. That reality is probably the simplest part of these accidents. A more complicated endeavor is to determine who was at fault for the accident.

Some people may jump to blame the bicyclist in these situations, but it is important for California residents to understand that they have every right to ride their bicycle as a mode of transportation – as long as they are obeying the traffic regulations, they shouldn’t have to fear being held liable for causing an accident. The fact is, many of these accidents are caused because drivers are not being attentive to their surroundings, as they are required to do.

At our law firm, we understand that people who are injured in bicycle accidents may have questions about how they can go about seeking compensation from the driver of an automobile. We do our best to review the accident investigation report, as well as looking at all of the other evidence, to attempt to determine the best path forward. For more information, please visit the bicycle accident page of our website.