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Drunk driver reportedly causes accident involving seven vehicles


Many of our San Diego readers are probably aware that the danger presented by drunk driving seems to increase during the holiday season. Many people will be going out for holiday parties with friends, co-workers and family members and in many cases alcoholic beverages are served. There is nothing wrong with having a good time during the holiday season, but when a San Diego resident gets behind the wheel after having too many drinks, the result can be devastating.

A recent report is clear evidence of just how many people can be impacted by a person’s choice to drive a vehicle on the streets of San Diego after having consumed too much alcohol. According to the report, a 55-year-old man caused a chain-reaction car accident on December 17 after he reportedly slammed into the back of two vehicles at an intersection. The vehicles apparently slammed into a few other nearby cars, leaving a total of seven vehicles damaged.

The 55-year-old driver was tested for impairment at the scene of the accident and arrested for drunk driving, as well as suspicion of driving under the influence of illegal drugs. The driver was also among the injured as a result of the accident. In total, five people were reportedly injured in the crash. It appears that all of the injured victims were transported for medical care.

In addition to the criminal case this 55-year-old drunk driver will be facing, he is likely to receive notice of personal injury lawsuits from the injured victims as well. When one driver’s negligent or reckless behavior causes another person to suffer injuries, there should be no question as to where the liability should fall.

Source:, “DUI suspect blamed for chain-reaction crash injuring 5,” Chris Moore, Dec. 17, 2015