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What is a chemical burn?


Previous posts here have touched on just how significant burn injuries can be for San Diego area residents who suffer these injuries in some type of accident. Some burn injuries can take years to heal, and many require specialized medical treatment, such as skin grafts. But, there is one type of burn injury that can be overlooked: a chemical burn.

So, what is a chemical burn? Well, the obvious difference is that a chemical burn isn’t caused by fire or radiation – it is caused by a person’s skin being exposure to some type of toxic substance. Some chemicals that are more likely to cause a burn include acids, cleaning solvents, gasoline and paint thinner.

Unfortunately, the result of a chemical burn is oftentimes similar to other types of burns: pain, and lots of it. But, fortunately of those who are exposed to a potential chemical burn, there are immediate steps that can be taken in order to, hopefully, prevent a significant burn. First, if a San Diego resident is aware of the contact with the burning substance, the substance needs to be removed as soon as possible. This can include putting on protective clothing and brushing the material off, or rinsing the exposed area of skin underneath running water. After that, the exposed area can be wrapped in gauze or a bandage. From there, the injured person can then seek medical attention.

If a chemical burn is caused by another party’s negligence, the injured victim may have legal options to recover compensation for medical expenses. A personal injury lawsuit may be a powerful tool to use to attempt to secure this financial compensation.

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