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Are there any new treatments for scars caused by burn injuries?


Burn injuries can be some of the most painful and debilitating injuries that a person can suffer, whether they are incurred from a car accident, work accident, or some other type of personal injury. Burns can destroy skin tissue, as well as deeper soft tissues if the burns are bad enough. California residents who suffer serious burn injuries will likely face weeks or even months of treatment and rehabilitation, sometimes in a burn trauma center. And even when they are finally discharged, most burn victims will likely have scars that will last a lifetime.

Some victims may find themselves wondering if there any new and developing treatments for scars caused by burn injuries. Most of our readers probably already know that the most common treatment for burn injuries is skin grafting, but what about the visible evidence of the injuries – the scars? Can those be treated?

In fact, there just might be a technique that may begin to gain some ground and become more common. The treatment is known as “fractional ablation laser therapy.” A highly technical sounding technique for sure, but what this technique is, basically, is micro-laser injuries to the scar tissue – re-injuring the scar tissue and prompting a new healing cycle for the skin tissue. The result? In some cases the scar tissue, after healing, begins to look better and less like scars. Experts term it as “remodeling” the scar tissue.

For burn injury victims in California and elsewhere, the prospect of being able to improve the appearance of scar tissue from burn injuries can be exciting. Many of these victims have burn scars in areas that are readily viewable, and correcting or at least reducing the scar tissue could be worth going through what is, as of right now, an emerging treatment that still needs more testing to confirm that it is viable. The cost of the treatment may also be something that burn injury victims will need to consider if they are seeking financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

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