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The immediate aftermath of a dog bite injury


Many of our readers may know someone who has been bitten by a dog. In some of these cases, the injuries sustained from a dog bite can be very serious in nature, leading to permanent disfigurement and extreme pain. Dog bites are the source of thousands of personal injury lawsuits throughout the country every year.

But, what should a Southern California resident who is attacked by a dog do in the immediate aftermath? Well, similar to every other types of accidents or attacks where a person suffers a serious injury, the victim should of course seek immediate medical attention. However, it is right there at that first step when some of the most crucial evidence for a potentially successful personal injury claim may be available. If there is time, the victim will want to either take photos of the injury or have someone else take photos. Photographic evidence of the injuries right after they are inflicted can be powerful evidence.

From there, it is a good idea for the victim to keep track of all medical expenses that are incurred due to the treatment for the injury. This will usually include keeping copies of all medical bills, although it can also be helpful to get copies of medical records pertaining to what types of procedures or treatments were administered.

The immediate aftermath of a dog bite can be scary and stressful for the victim. It can be hard for a victim to keep a level head in any type of incident that causes personal injury, but it may be extremely important to the chances of securing financial compensation for the victim to do what they can to document what has happened.

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