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Truck bursts into flames in San Diego car accident


Nobody likes being caught up in a traffic jam, but when the backups are caused by serious car accidents that leave San Diego residents dead or severely injured, most people understand that medical treatment for those victims is more important than getting to work a few minutes late. Drivers who were heading east on state Route 52 on one recent morning most likely came to this same conclusion.

According to the reports, an explosive accident occurred at about 6:00 in the morning on February 8. The reports indicate that a driver in a Ford F-150 pickup truck started the multiple-car accident when that driver slammed into the rear of a semi-truck. It doesn’t appear that the collision did all that much to impact the semi-truck, but a third vehicle, a Dodge Ram pickup truck, slammed into the Ford pickup truck, which then reportedly caught fire. A fourth vehicle, a Buick sedan, then reportedly slammed into the Dodge Ram pickup truck. The four-car pileup caused traffic delays for nearly two hours.

The initial reports did not indicate the total number of individuals who were involved in this multi-car accident, but two people were apparently transported for medical care. The reports indicate that one of these two individuals had suffered serious injuries.

There was no immediate indication as to what caused the Ford F-150 to slam into the semi-truck and begin this serious auto accident. At the time of the initial reports law enforcement officials were still investigating how the accident began. Depending on the results of the investigation, the individuals involved may be interested in learning whether they can pursue financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

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