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Overview of laws in California targeting distracted driving


Many people know by now that almost all states have taken at least some measures to curb distracted driving on our nation’s roadways. The number of car accidents that have been attributed to distracted drivers is a serious issue, as owning and using cellphones has become almost ubiquitous. Some states have been struggling to catch up with attempts to regulate or prohibit texting and driving and other uses of electronic devices that can distract a driver from paying attention to the task at hand. California, however, is one state that has taken action.

California law prohibits the handheld use of cellphones while driving, regardless of the age of the driver. This includes texting and driving. An acceptable substitute is to use so-called “hands free” applications, such as Bluetooth connectivity, in order to use a cellphone while driving.

There are some other aspects of the distracted driving laws in California that our readers may not know. For instance, bus drivers are prohibited from using a cellphone in any manner while driving — hands free or not. The same goes for novice drivers.

It is no secret that distracted driving is such a prevalent problem in America that most people agree that action needs to be taken. However, you could be talking to one of your closest friends or relatives who agrees with restrictive measures on texting and driving, and then observe that very person engaging in this dangerous conduct. This is the “it won’t happen to me” attitude that even the most stringent laws won’t change. Drivers in San Diego and everywhere else need to make a conscious choice to avoid using a cellphone while driving.

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