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The danger of radiation burn and exposure


When most San Diego residents think of burn injuries, they likely envision injuries that are caused by fire. However, there are other sorts of burn injuries as well, including those caused by radiation. Discussing radiation burns can conjure up old images from history class about the atomic weapons that were detonated in Japan during World War II. But, make no mistake, there are many people throughout America who face the danger of radiation burns and exposure every day, especially in certain workplaces.

San Diego residents who work in industrial sites, research facilities or even health care facilities may be exposed to radiation in their workplace. In the event of such exposure, workers could suffer burns or what is commonly referred to as “radiation poisoning.” Radiation burns may be treatable but, much like other types of burn injuries, the treatment can be arduous and painful. Health effects from exposure to radiation, on the other hand, may be very different.

If a worker is exposed to radiation for longer periods of time, or if the radiation exposure is directed more toward a person’s chest or head, the effects of the exposure to radiation could be catastrophic. Unlike radiation burns, radiation poisoning may not be visible after the initial exposure — leaving a person to find out later on that serious health problems may be in play.

San Diego workers who may be exposed to radiation in their workplaces will want to take every safety measure in order to avoid burns or exposure. Those who do suffer radiation burns or exposure through no fault of their own may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in an effort to recover financial compensation.

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