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Will you need long-term medical care after a bicycle accident?


Although it is easy enough for a person riding a bicycle to take all the necessary precautions to stay safe, the fact is that many injuries that bicyclists suffer are caused when they are struck by a vehicle. In a sprawling urban area like Southern California, there are many people riding bicycles at any given point in time, whether it is people commuting to work or school or people just out for a ride for recreation. When there are many bicyclists and motorists sharing the road at a time, bicycle accidents are bound to happen.

Another aspect of these bicycle accidents is that the bicyclist may suffer serious injuries. Broken bones are common in these types of accidents. But, will a person who suffers broken bones in bicycle accident need long-term medical care due to his or her injuries?

In many cases, broken bones can take quite a long time to heal. Those who have broken a bone at some point in life may recall wearing a cast for weeks. This is typical treatment for broken bones, but the more severe the break the longer it will take to heal.

In the most serious of bicycle accidents, broken bones can leave victims stuck in the hospital for weeks. Moreover, even after they are discharged, they are likely to have limited mobility or range of motion. Beyond that, as the bone heals it is common for muscles in the area to weaken due to lack of use — yet another issue to address even after the bone is healed. All of this can lead to a mountain of medical expenses piling up. A bicycle accident victim who suffers broken bones due to the negligence of a motorist may want to seek compensation for those expenses through a personal injury lawsuit.

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