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Driver under the influence of marijuana causes serious car crash


News reports about drunk drivers causing serious car accidents are, unfortunately, commonplace in San Diego. But, there are not nearly as many reports about drivers who are under the influence of illegal drugs at the time of an accident. However, such a report of drugged driving has emerged from a car crash that occurred in Scripps Ranch recently.

According to the reports, the accident occurred on March 27 at about 5:30 p.m. The accident investigation resulted in the preliminary determination that the driver of a Toyota Corolla, a woman in her 30s, was smoking marijuana at that time when she drifted out of her lane into oncoming traffic and travelled over a raised median, slamming into a Porsche at a nearly head-on angle.

The two individuals in the Porsche, one man and one woman, both in their 40s, reportedly suffered serious injuries in the auto accident. The reports indicate that the Porsche was a 1956 model — meaning it was, obviously, not equipped with airbags. The injuries these two victims suffered were reportedly incredibly serious. The driver of the Corolla only suffered minor injuries, according to the reports. She was, however, also transported for medical care, just as the driver and passenger in the Porsche were.

The reports indicate that police determined that the Corolla driver was under the influence of marijuana because paraphernalia was found in her vehicle that was still hot to the touch in the aftermath of the wreck. Unfortunately, just like drunk drivers, drugged drivers are a danger on California’s roadways. Victims in situations like this may want to determine if they can pursue a personal injury lawsuit in order to seek compensation for their medical expenses and other related damages.

Source:, “Suspected DUI Crash Causes Major Injuries in Scripps Ranch,” Matt Rascon and Brie Stimson, March 27, 2016