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How can California residents treat an injury from a dog bite?


In a previous post, this blog outline ways in which California residents can avail themselves of the use of the civil courts to pursue compensation if they are the victim of an animal bite. Dog bites, in particular, are often the subject of these types of personal injury cases. In fact, some reports state that approximately 90 percent of all animal bite cases involve dog bites. As was mentioned in the previous post, these attacks can leave a victim with serious injuries that can cause significant physical pain, scarring and, potentially, disfigurement.

How can California residents treat these injuries? Well, the first step is often to seek professional medical care, either at a doctor’s office or a hospital. Treatment will usually include a thorough cleaning of the injury area, along with the appropriate shots of medicine to combat or prevent infection. A proper cleaning of the injury area may result in a lesser chance of the wound becoming infected to begin with.

However, in some cases there may be a need for stitches or sutures – which could actually increase the risk of infection. California residents who have animal bite injuries that are this serious will likely need to rely on the advice of the healthcare professional rendering treatment.

The initial treatment in the direct aftermath of an injury caused by a dog bite is usually only the beginning. Many victims can require ongoing medical treatment, and some may even require reconstructive surgery in the weeks after the attack. Victims should be sure to keep track of all medical expenses, as those costs could potentially be recovered from a pet owner who is determined to hold liability for the animal attack.

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