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Pursuing compensation after an animal attack


Many California residents may need to file a personal injury lawsuit against another individual in order to attempt to receive compensation. Sometimes this can prove to be uncomfortable. However, civil courts in California and throughout the nation exist for the very purpose of compensating a person who has suffered economic damage due to the actions or inaction of another party. Animal bites are the perfect example.

Many people hear news reports about animal attacks and dog bites and cringe at the injuries reported. Victims of these attacks will often need to endure reconstructive surgery in some form because these attacks can be vicious, leaving torn, ragged skin that may result in scarring that lasts forever. The attacks can result in physical pain due to the serious injuries, and disfigurement can also result in emotional pain. A victim of an animal attack can take solace in knowing that a personal injury lawsuit may be able to result in compensation that can help cover medical expenses.

And what party will be pursued for compensation? As our readers may have guessed, it is the pet owner who is oftentimes held liable in court. But, in order to pursue the right pet owner, a victim will need to act quickly after the attack in order to document the injuries, seek medical treatment and identify the pet owner.

At our law firm we attempt to work with animal attack victims so that they can establish liability and receive the compensation they deserve. We often act on behalf of our clients as they are recovering from the physical and mental impact of the attack. For more information, please visit the animal attack overview section of our law firm’s website.