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Unsettling statistics regarding elder abuse in California


Any of our readers who have seen previous posts here about nursing home neglect and abuse know that elder abuse is an issue that has been rising in awareness among the public. More awareness is, of course, a good thing, but many may not know some of the specific data right here in California, which many will likely agree is startling.

The Office of the Attorney General has gathered some important statistics that California residents who have an elderly loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility should know. According to these statistics, an estimated 13 percent of the reports that the state receives regarding these types of facilities involve exploitation, abuse and neglect — a rate that is apparently twice as high as the national average, which comes in at an estimated five percent.

This data is even more alarming in light of the number of people in California who live in these types of facilities. The Office of the Attorney General reports that approximately 150,000 people live in residential homes for the elderly in California, and another 110,000 live in nursing homes. And those are just the people who live in licensed care facilities. Another 150,000 people in California are estimated to live in unlicensed care facilities.

The prospect of an elderly relative being subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect can be one of the reasons why the decision to place a relative in these types of facilities can be very difficult for a California resident. However, our readers should know that if such an instance of abuse or neglect does occur to one of their loved ones, there may be legal options that are worth pursuing.

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